Only you can make me smile, Only you can make me breathe.

apparently, l.joe is loving the damaged piano…

seems like my laptop is haunting by a chunji fan spirit/ghost something….

jojo + hat = ( *´艸`)♡~~



익명 회원: at what time is it gonna be he comeback? is it today????

you’re asking me?? i didn’t know they performed live already!!!! but the actual album is going to be out on the 15th 

익명 회원: Did you hear the news about Ladies code? They got into a car accident resulting in the death of a member & the driver :(

I heard about it when i woke up and i was so shocked like i didn’t even believe it at first!!! my deepest condolences goes to eunbi’s family and friends and us fans and also the driver… may the two of them rest in peace. they are in a better place now. also i hope sojung and rise get better soon! i know my girls are strong!  

L.Joe; TEEN TOP - Missing (쉽지않아) Teaser #1.

ahngniel: WINNER

you know that shhhh…. taehyun……mino….seunghoon….. bye

Dear me,

one day I’ll make you proud.


you’re welcome